Volvo SC-805 AUX-INPUT

Looking for a budget AUX Input for your Volvo SC-805? Let's do it!

At picture 1 you can see the two line inputs which are directly soldered to the mainboard of the SC-805 (SC-802 is the same).
You can also see a short red cable which is soldered to two points on the mainboard. This short red cable is the secret which makes it possible that you can activate the line input via the tape button without having a tape inserted.

To activate the line input you have to connect your player to the new line input and start playing, then push the tape button. The drive changes automatically 2-4 times from on to the other side of the tape (the drive will do this without having a tape inserted). During this changes you have to push the tape button exactly when the drives changes the tape side, this will activate the line input. Repeat pushing the tape button until the music starts to play.

If you have activated the line input, do NOT push the eject button from the tape, this will deactivate the line input and you have to reactivate the input again. Now you can change from Radio or CD to the Tape as you like, the line input is activated until you disconnect the SC-805 from the battery or push the eject button. To use a tape, push the eject button, insert a tape, push the tape button and wait until the tape will be inserted automatically, the tape drive inserts the tape by itself, you do not have to push the tape into the drive as you have done it before. The new tape bahavior is something strange, but if you do not use tapes anymore, this will not bother you.

Volvo SC-805 LED-LIGHT

Never again replace the bulbs on your SC-805! Just install some LEDs with the color of your choice.
The RED points in picture 6 are marking +12Volt for the LEDs :)





led resistor

leds +12V

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