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Get a new chip set for your
LH-Jetronic 2.4/EZK

Here you can find some tuning chips for your LH2.4 Jetronic. Below you can find the main specs of the tuning chips, all chips are available for the 2.5" & 3" AMM.
You can get chips for nearly every injector size between 300cc and 800cc; just send me your request.

General features of the tuned chip:

  • Extended main fuel map to 6800rpm
  • Rev limiter set to 6800rpm
  • Air mass meter limiter map set to maximum (colloquial: Fuel-Cut)
  • Much better acceleration

I have chips for bigger injectors; such as:

  • 470cc/min (421cc/min) EV6 Bosch Motorsports 0280 156 280
  • 445cc/min Greentops
  • 630cc/min Siemens Dekas

and all chips with 2.5" or 3" MAF integrated:

All chips are available with the 3" 012 MAF map integrated, this enables you to drive the bigger 3" MAF sensor without changing the injectors. With this upgrade you can drive e.g. the stock 317cc/min B230FT injectors with a 3" MAF sensor.
This will raise the fuelcut to a higher level and extends the usable power band.


  • 3" MAF Bosch 0280-213-012
  • Fuel Injectors Siemens 107961 60's, 630cc/min@3bar
  • Spark Plugs Bosch WR5DC+ (NGK 8)

  • Optional: Bosch EZ-116K 0227-400-148 with daughterboard or
    EZ-116K 0227-400-207;208;219 chipable Goldbox
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